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Asian Dramas Reviews

Asian Drama Reviews
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adramas_reviews is a place to talk about and review Asian Dramas and Movies. There are plently of them floating about the internet. This is the place to review dramas and movies you have watched, enter into discussions about the them, and ask for recomendations. I hope this place will be helpful.


1. Be respectful and nice. Nothing will get you banned faster then continualy being rude and disrespectful to the other memembers of the community. It is a pet peeve of mine and it will be enforced.
2. Not fandom arguments. Be respectful of all pairings, ships, and opinions on favorite characters. You may not like it but someone else may. Don't pick fights over ships.
3. Use proper grammar. DoN't TaLk LiKe ThIs. Everyone is gonna mess up and misspell, I can't spell to save my life, but make a good effort.
4. If writing a review please have watched atleast half the series. Don't watch one episode and say its horrible. It takes a few episodes to form a good opinion and be able to give a good, helpful review.


Coming when we have more questions.