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timedoesflyohmy [userpic]
We Need You!
by timedoesflyohmy (timedoesflyohmy)
at May 1st, 2008 (05:20 pm)
current mood: dorky

Hello Everyone! My name is Jamie and I am an avid Asian Drama fan. For a while my good friend Kelly and I have been working on creating a Asian Drama fan site where people can post and read episode summaries on dramas, and after finally working hard for a while to get it going we are at a stage where we need beta testers and to start adding a small base to the forum.

Where do you guys come in?

Well, we need about 10 to 15 people to come onto the site and have limited Administrative access and help us test some bugs as well as create summaries for episodes for dramas that they have watched so we can create a base for the site before it is opened.

The qualifications are that you will need to type well and be able to be descriptive in your summaries.

You can apply on this LJ page we have made. Comments will be screened. In order to apply just write a quick short summery of a drama that you have watched so that we can get an idea of how well you type and so on and from there we will accept people.

Please, Please, Please help out! It’ll be a lot of fun and it will be great to get something like this up for all dramas!

Link here:


Again, thank you all, and I look forward to seeing as many different kinds of people as we can get ^_^


X posted on other Asian drama communities.

~ * 君を愛してる * ~ [userpic]
[kdrama] 18 vs 29
by ~ * 君を愛してる * ~ (artsycharisma)
at September 11th, 2007 (03:21 pm)

My Review of 18 vs 29, korean drama. it was pretty good considering the fact that it was a different type of story line than the usual sappy, retarded korean dramas (no offense, I think those dramas too XP). but anyways, it's a pretty good, light-hearted drama with a couple of twists in the story. what i liked best from the drama was the flashbacks.

now let's get to the sub-sections! hahaha.

by vintage (addcontent)
at September 3rd, 2006 (09:59 pm)

hey ppl!!! i m doing a online spree on korean tv dramas!!!
feel free to pop by. if u are interested, do drop me an email at addictive.com@gmail.com


thach to the wall [userpic]
by thach to the wall (thachtothewall)
at August 22nd, 2006 (11:25 pm)

i just started watching asian dramas and im a total addict! (i watched my lovely sam-soon and 1 litre of tears in one sitting and now im ready for more!)

so far i've just borrowed the bootleg Chinatown DVDs from friends, but now i've run out of things to watch. can i download episodes anywhere? (with english captions)

Linda [userpic]
by Linda (temporary_f)
at July 18th, 2006 (10:32 pm)

Hi, I'm new to the community, but I just like to spread the news of my LJ, I'm posting screencaps and summaries for the dramas and their characters, at the end of the post I've added an MV along with a rating I've given the drama/movie.

It's not an actual review, so if the mods here feel this is not okay, feel free to take this post off. Hope this LJ can help others. =D

超ちゃ人 [userpic]
Short Review: Ace wo nerae (jdrama)
by 超ちゃ人 (chochajin)
at June 2nd, 2006 (01:11 pm)

I´ve finished watching Ace wo nerae.
I just want to give a VERY short review, becaue I feel like it right now XD

(tEh review)

I´ve also made some screencaptures and bases. These are in the same entry. Enjoy ^-^;

forgottenpolish [userpic]
What should I watch next?
by forgottenpolish (forgottenpolish)
at May 9th, 2006 (12:51 am)

current mood: chipper
current song: tv-alias

I am looking for a new drama to watch. Can anyone recomend anything to me? I am in the middle of Goong and Forbiden Love, but I would like to start dling something new. I have seen Gokusen, Peach Girl, Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden (some of it)Kimi Wa Petto, and Devil Beside you, if that helps any at all. Please I have such a hard time picking out dramas. I need some help.

forgottenpolish [userpic]
What Are You Watching?
by forgottenpolish (forgottenpolish)
at April 24th, 2006 (11:25 am)

To get the ball rolling what dramas are you watching right now? I just finished Peach Girl. I am almost done with Gokusen. I just started Forbbidon Love, haven't even finished the first episode. So far I am loving everything I have been watching! What are you guys into?

forgottenpolish [userpic]
We Are Open
by forgottenpolish (forgottenpolish)
at April 24th, 2006 (11:20 am)

I see you all. I know we have memebers. I'm sorry I havn't been around on here or even writen an opening post. Its almost exam time and I have been swamped. x_x But, I encourage you guys to start posting. I will be around more after today, I promise. So you guys have at it, start posting.

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